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About GS

At GS we offer our customers a complete solution tailor made to their exact specifications allowing flexibility of choice and a clear upgrade path for the future. This allows the GS solution to grow as your company does.

At GS we know all about embroidery, from creating a design through to the final product. Every step of the way, we have a service or product to ease your journey. We have years of experience in all aspects of embroidery and since 1984 we've been committed to developing the art of embroidery so that we can bring you all the expertise, technology systems and supplies you need to achieve the highest quality results. We supply to businesses of all sizes from major manufacturers to small home-based industries, but because all our systems are tailored to meet the exact needs of our customers, we know we can provide the right solutions at the right price!

When it comes to software solutions, our PC-based ApS-Ethos range of software enables you to create even the most complex designs quickly and accurately. This ensures stunning results time and time again. The modular format allows our users to select a level to suit their budget and production requirements. At any stage this can then be upgraded to a more complex system. All levels within our software range include full training and technical support. This, coupled with the fact that the software is written and produced in the U.K. means we have a winning formula; by taking note of our customers comments and striving to rectify these in future releases of the software. Our extensive research and development program ensures that as we push the boundaries of embroidery and advance, so do our customers.

Likewise, when it comes to producing the best results, our close association with Brother means that we distribute a very sophisticated range of embroidery machines. There is a machine to handle every user's requirements, ranging from monogramming and sampling, through to industrial heavy duty embroidery machines.

And we don't stop there! To complement our embroidery systems, our innovative range of laser cutters has opened new doors to the field of embroidery and other areas of textile production. They have the ability to work with a broad range of materials, making appliqué work quick and simple. It is the perfect solution for cutting intricate shapes and holes with inlaid effect. Just another example of our on-going research and development.

Using the best software and machinery warrants the finest threads and supplies. As distributors for one of the largest embroidery thread manufacturers in the world, GS offers a wide variety covering every type of design requirement.

GS services don't stop at sales either. At our Nottingham base we offer full artwork creation, punching and laser cutting facilities. In addition our comprehensive design libraries of stitch patterns and effects ensure that we can provide for your every need.

As part of continued development plan, we have recently become an autonomous company with our own identity. What used to be known as Gunold + Stickma UK Ltd now becomes GS Ltd. Although now an independent company, we are still keeping our strong ties with Gunold + Stickma Materials gmbh in Germany and will continue to provide the comprehensive range of threads, backing and materials. We will continue to distribute the Brother range of industrial embroidery machines, our own software and laser products in the UK and Ireland. As part of this development, we also have offices in the USA.

Account customers orders will be added to their accounts. For all other purchases, we can accept payment either by cash, cheque or by most credit or debit cards - simply include the card number, expiry date and card name along with your order.
Remember to include quantities, descriptions, your company name, telephone number and a contact name in case of problems.

So why not join our growing list of satisfied customers by calling us today to discover how we can help your company.